Our Story

When my grandfather, James Hathaway, opened The 3 Flavors Shop on August 20th, 1941 he never imagined the ice cream parlor would become such a landmark in our fair city.

Originally named The 3 Flavors Shop because he only had 3 flavors of ice cream: vanilla, chocolate, and mint chocolate chip.

James could be found every day at the shop ready to serve you up a root beer float or a sundae.

In 1984, my grandfather passed along the shop to my father, Mark. My father, continued his father’s traditions of great service and wonderful ice cream.

In 2010, my father passed along the shop to me. I hope to continue their legacies of providing the best ice cream in town, the highest levels of service, and a fun place to hang out.

Things have changed a lot over the past 75 years and we offer a lot more than 3 flavors now. But we still produce every flavor in the back of our shop.

So whether you need a place to take your first date after a great dinner at Tony's or you just need a cool treat on a hot day, come on down to the shop.

We’re still at the same location as when my grandfather opened the doors all those years ago, 108 East Main Street. See you soon!

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